Roald Bradstock

Javelin / Painting

Roald Bradstock is an English javelin thrower and former World Record holder who competed in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.  He is also the current masters World Record Holder for over 50.  He graduated with a Bachelor in Fine art from Southern Methodist University.  In 2000 he won the USOC Sport Art competition and in 2003 won the International Sport Artist of the year award.  Since 2006 he has been nick named the “Olympic Picasso” by the media due to his antics on and off the track: competing in hand painted outfits with matching painted javelins, throwing bizarre objects for numerous world records and for his ideas for combining sport and art. Bradstock’s sport and art YouTube channel documenting his artistic and athletic pursuits has over 2 million hits.


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logo_cnn_badge_2upAOTO Executive Director Roald Bradstock launches global campaign and search for new artists on CNN International
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Roald Bradstock competes in a record setting 8th Olympic Trials aged 50 in Birmingham, England on June 23rd, 2012. He smashes the World Masters Record for “the over 50” and comes second.
The following day, on June 24th, 2012, Roald has a little chat with John Inverdale live on BBC.

47 year old Roald Bradstock battles it out with 16 year old Matti Mortimore in a throwing random objects competition:
Snooker cues, wellies, fish, water ballons, guinness book of records, records and of course a kitchen sink!

Roald Bradstock: Youth Sport Trust (UK) Olympian Ambassador
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