Chris Channon

Shooter / Poet

Chris Channon MBE, is a 2 time Paralympian (1980 & ’84) and silver medalist in the 10 meter air rifle 1984). Born with cerebral palsy, Chris has refused to allow his disability to restrict his life. He plays football, hockey and, volleyball and also rides horses but rifle, pistol and clay pigeon shooting have been his main pursuits.
Chris took part in expeditions to the Outer Hebrides and Morocco.


A spinal injury in 1994 forced an abrupt end to this active lifestyle. He then became a volunteer at a local school for children with special needs and in 2001, was awarded an MBE for this work.


In 2012 Chris helped create the Paralympic flame at Stoke Mandeville. He continues working for the community despite ill-health. In 2014, he was voted National Police Volunteer of the Year for his work on Pegasus, a system he devised that helps disabled and vulnerable people contact the emergency services. Currently operational in six areas across the UK, work is underway to develop Pegasus into a nationwide facility.

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