The Art of the Olympians program brings Olympic and Paralympic artists together to fulfill the vision of the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre De Coubertin, and the founder of Art of the Olympians, Al Oerter, to promote the cultural side of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our unique platform shows the connection between sport, art and the Olympics and celebrates the Olympic and Paralympic athlete, while promoting Olympic ideals and values.


Local, national and International newspapers, magazines, TV and radio have followed our activities extensively from our first exhibitions in 2006 at the United Nations to the HSH Prince Albert ll event – “Painting with the Prince” – in Fort Myers. The coverage continued through three Olympic Exhibitions in Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012, including our educational programs in Florida and England, our museum opening and an award-winning documentary. With dozens of notable Olympians and Paralympians, Olympic and Paralympic medalists, world champions and world record holders among our roster of artists, it’s not surprising the media takes notice. It is indeed an unusual and unique group of athletes.

Partial list of newspaper and magazine articles:

2006, March 3rd, The News-Press.
2006, March, Aesthetx (Al Oerter/ Artist)
2006, Summer, Gulf Shore Life Magazine (Al Oerter article).
2006, October, Kaleidoscope (AOTO Artist Olympic Scholarship).
2006, October 12th, Athletics Weekly ( 2012 UK Olympic Proposal)
2006, October 11th, USA Today (Al Oerter / AOTO).
2006, October, WOA Magazine #19 (Al Oerter article)
2006, November, USOC News (AOTO Panasonic).
2006, November 17th, Herald Sun.
2006, November 19th, New York Post (The National Arts Club).
2007, January 5th, The Beach Bulletin.
2007, Spring, Youth Sport Trust ( 2012 UK Legacy Program).
2007, June 2nd, The News-Press.
2007, June 21st, The News-Press.
2007, July, Happenings A&E.
2007, July, Arts and Entertainment Magazine.
2007, July, Sports Illustrated (Al Oerter / AOTO).
2007, July, Lee Magazine (Al Oerter).
2007, August 10th, “Die Welt” (Al Oerter/ AOTO).
2007, September 27th, The News-Press.
2007, October 2nd, USA Today
2007, November 28th, The News-Press (Al & Gabrielle Oerter).
2008, March 7th, Baldwin Register ( USOC / USSA Sport Art Competition)
2008, July 25th, The River.
2008, July, Fort Myers River District.
2008, August, The Observer Magazine.
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2008, November, Grandeur Magazine.
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2008, July 25th, The River Weekly News (Al Oerter article).
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2009, May/June, RSW Magazine (AOTO).
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2009, Summer, Spikes Magazine ( Bradstock UK Channel Four Show)
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2009, December 1st, The News-Press ( Prince Albert / DC Washington)
2009, December 6th, The News-Press. ( Prince Albert / DC Washington)
2009, December 9-15th, Florida Weekly A&E.
2009, December 18th, The Island Sand Paper (AOTO/ USOC)
2010, January 22nd, Island Sun.
2010, January 22nd, The News-Press.
2010, January 29th, The River Weekly News.
2010, January 29th, Gulf Coasting.
2010, February 5th, Fort Myers Beach Talk (museum opening).
2010, February 11th, The Mercury ( museum opening/snowball WR)
2010, March, Art & Entertainment Magazine (AOTO Museum opening).
2010, March,  Grand Times (AOTO Museum opening).
2010, April 28th-May 4th, Florida Weekly.
2010, May, Happenings Arts & Entertainment Magazine.
2010, May, Gulf Coast Times (Cover).
2010, May, Gulf Coast Times (double page)
2010, June 11th, The River Weekly News.
2010, June 18th, The River Weekly News (Skip Cutting).
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2010, October 30th, The News-Press (USOC / AOTO)
2010, October 31st, The News-Press (USOC /AOTO).
2010, November 5th, The River Weekly News.
2010, November 5th, Citizen-Times (Ashville)
2010, November 19th, The River Weekly News ( AOTO Documentary).
2010, December 1-7th, Florida Weekly.
2010, December 1-7th, Florida Weekly.
2010, December 14th, The News-Press.
2011, December, Harbor Style Magazine.
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2011. October 29th, 29th Milano, Italy International FICTS Festival (AOTO Documentary)
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2013, March 1st, The News-Press (World Harmony).
2013, July 17th, The New-Press.