Jack Scharr

Jack Scharr is president of Fine Art Ltd, Chairman of the American Sports Museum and Archives and a trustee for the United States Sports Academy. In addition to commissioning artwork for 13 U.S. Olympic Games, Scharr has directed the creating and promotion of fine art for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Carnegie Hall, the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation, the 1998 World Cup Soccer Games in France, the 50th Anniversary of the March of Dimes and the Fall of the Berlin Wall and many more.


Scharr has commissioned several hundred works of art while working with hundreds of artists from across the globe including such notable artists as Roy Lichtenstein, George Baselitz, Robert Rauschenberg, Hiro Yamagata, Michel Delacroix, Peter Max, Frederick Hart, Joan Mitchell, Aldo Luongo, Don Wiegand, James Rizzi, Harry Weber.

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