Decatur, GA 

I have utilized the services of Video Impact over the past several years to help me capture the wonderful pictorial history and fond memories of the lives of my family and friends.

I had boxes and boxes of pictures/photos from the 1900s (great grandmother’s days) to the present. I felt terrible simply having these wonderful pictures stored in boxes and only taken out to view on special occasions, so this is where Video Impact comes into the story.

I live near Video Impact and passed it day in and day out in route to and from work. My husband’s 60th birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary was coming soon and what better time than to chronicle our courtship (from college), friends, wedding, new home, family and our wonderful God filled lives.

To make a long story short, I gathered my boxes, went through thousands of pictures and met with Patrick to explain what I wanted to do. Video Impact accepted the challenge, gave me great guidance, advice and created a wonderful photo slideshow that displayed the many pictures taken over the years along with great music.

That was over three years and four videos ago. Now I do not just keep my pictures and memories in boxes anymore. Just give me an occasion to display my pictures via a photo slideshow DVD and I am on the way to Video Impact.

They do a wonderful job and are simply great to work with. Kudos to Video Impact!!

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