Rebecca H. L. Pace has always loved design, starting with her dollhouse at a young age. She developed a love of art by visiting museums with her Dutch mother and grandmother, and appreciating fabrics as her mother designed draperies and dresses.


That love of art and books took her to New York after studying English Literature and Art History; working for Sotheby’s in the Old Master Paintings and Drawings department was an invaluable experience. Art can be appreciated at museum-quality level as well as your child’s drawing. Rebecca feels art should be incorporated in each home or office space to enrich people’s lives. After traveling around the world, working for Oxford University Press, and building a business designing accessories, Rebecca decided to go back to school and study interior design. Studying in Copenhagen and her experiences in visiting the Netherlands over the years influence her work, as does her upbringing in the South. A home should be a welcoming refuge and a reflection of your personality. Rebecca looks forward to helping you achieve that dream.