Future Proof Your Videos

Future Proof Your Videos

Technology is a constantly evolving landscape where the next big thing will be yesterday’s news before you know it. VHS players are quickly becoming hard to find and when is the last time you saw a film projector?

Future Proof Your Memories

We get many requests for video conversions where our customers ask which format is the best to transfer their videos to. They want to be able to watch their videos now, and to also know that as the future shifts technology in another direction, they will be able to make that change seamlessly.

If you are looking for a video format that should withstand the test of time then you should check out the MP4 video format.

Here are the reasons why we prefer MP4:

Manageable size with good quality.

-First and foremost you want to maintain good quality, that is after all why you are transferring your images, to preserve them. When using the MP4 format we are able to compress the size of your file down while still maintaining good quality.

Great for sharing and uploading.

– This file type is one of YouTube’s preferred formats! And it can be played on any mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.).

Cross platform viewing and editing.

– The MP4 file type is both Mac and PC friendly. You can view and edit this file type on both platforms.

Ideal for editing.

– There are many different MP4 editing software options that are available and quite easy to use.






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