How To Create a Non-Profit Video – Planning Resource Roundup

How To Create a Non-Profit Video – Planning Resource Roundup

It’s that time of year again. Most foundations follow the calendar year and they are ready to start donating for 2014. If you haven’t already you need to get your cause in front of them. In addition to proposals and grants your website needs to be looking it’s best. What better way to introduce yourself to future supporters than by video?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can actually say them!

Here are some links to great resources for helping you incorporate video into your marketing and fundraising strategy.

10 Video Campaign and Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits and Social Causes

This article is full of information, including “have your video further the goal, not be the goal itself,” and “have a clear call to action.”

Five Tips for Creating a Compelling NonProfit Video

This includes simple, but important tips, to help you create a polished, professional video.

11 Non Profit Videos that Inform and Inspire

Here are some examples of effective videos along with explanations as to how they are able to accomplish their goals.

8 Great Examples of Non-Profit Storytelling

This website lists more examples of powerful videos along with many other helpful articles.

Script a Plot Before Going to Video

This article from The NonProfit Times gives 4 questions you need to ask when planning your video.

Into Focus

This is the benchmark and best practices report by  See3.  It discusses the ROI of video, and specifically takes a look at specific business goals for video – namely marketing and raising awareness, fundraising, membership development and relations, and advocacy.

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