How To S-A-V-E Old Photos

How To S-A-V-E Old Photos

How To S-A-V-E Old Photos!

We have previously discussed the importance of preserving your videos and today we are talking about photographs! Below we have listed 4 steps you can take to keep those memories safe.

S = Scan

First and foremost you need to scan in those images! The quality at which you scan them can greatly affect how you can use those digital files down the road. A good rule of thumb to use is the “rule of 300dpi.” For instance:

If you have a 4×6 photo and you scan it at 300dpi you can reprint it as a 4×6. If however you were to scan it at 900dpi you would be able to reprint at 3x the original photo size with no quality loss. So you could reprint a 12×18.

A = Archive

Once you have all your photos scanned you have to decide how you are going to organize and store those digital files. Below are the different options available and their pros and cons. It is important to realize that all options have cons and therefore you should have multiple backups that exist in separate locations. For example, if you chose to back up your photos on an external hard drive you could also store them on CD/DVDs in a different location or an online file storage site.

V = View

Decide how you want to view your photos. Once your files are scanned as digital images you can view them many different ways!

E = Enjoy!!

Now that you have worked through the S-A-V-E process you can rest assured that your memories are protected and enjoy viewing your images!

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