How To Edit From a Video Transfer DVD

How To Edit From a Video Transfer DVD

A question we hear often from customers who bring in tapes for transfer to DVD is “can we edit from a DVD that you create?” The digital files on a DVD need to be converted to another format before they’re ideal for editing. So, yes, you can edit from the DVDs we create, but there is a step you need to take first.

Specifically, you’ll need to use a program that converts the VOB file(s) on the DVD to an MPEG-4 or .mov for Mac users or a MPEG-2 for PC users. One such program is called Any Video Converter and the great news is it’s free! Any Video Converter is a really easy to use free video converter – just choose your source file and output format and go. You can also use it to clip, crop, rotate or merge to edit videos as you like and burn videos into DVD movies.

Simply click on the link below and download and install the software.

Any Video Converter


Once the Any Video Converter software has worked it’s magic and converted the VOB file(s) to your desired edit-friendly format, you’re ready to work some magic of your own and start editing.

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