Preserving Your Video Tapes on DVD

Preserving Your Video Tapes on DVD

vi_tapes_smaller_imageOur previous articles on video tape deterioration talked about the unfortunate fact that tapes do deteriorate, and we provided suggestions on how to slow down the rate at which deterioration takes place.

So, now that you’ve taken the steps recommended to protect your tapes, let’s discuss how to preserve your videos for years to come. In order for a tape to be effectively preserved, the video must be converted to a digital format. A straight-forward and economical way to digitize your tapes is to transfer your video to DVD.

Opinions vary over exactly how much longer a DVD lasts than a video tape. A conservative estimate is the shelf-life of a DVD is 4 to 5x’s as long as a tape (i.e. 15 yrs for a tape vs. 60-75 yrs for a DVD). Once on a DVD, the DVD disc can then be easily viewed with a standard DVD player or on your computer.

In addition to DVD (or instead of) your video can be converted to a digital file that you can store on your computer hard drive, an external hard drive, or even a usb thumb drive. And, the type of digital file can be customized depending on your use for the video i.e. archiving, editing, or uploading to YouTube.

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